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About Us

Located along the scenic Tar River, BDD Brewing Company was founded by cousins Chazz Oesch and Matt Nichols. It all started when Matt graduated from Virginia Tech with a finance degree. Their entire extended family gathered in the mountain town of Blacksburg, Virginia to celebrate Matt's accomplishment. As the night progressed, a man known simply as Sasquatch became quite inebriated. Sasquatch is not known as a heavy drinker, but on this special occasion, his vision began to blur and his speech began to slur. As the night ended, our designated driver (always be safe!) came to the bar to pick us up. Sasquatch, being a very important person, sat shotgun. As our reluctant driver pulled out of the parking lot, Sasquatch turned around and muttered a phrase. In his mind, he said, in crystal-clear English, ''Buckle your seatbelt!'' What actually came out was, ''Bucken Da Dicey.''

Fast forward two years, and Matt was brewing beer on the range top in our humble North Hills home. Chazz put on some music, sat down with a pencil and paper, and a brand was born.

BDD is not just the acronym for the drunken mumblings of an inebriated Sasquatch, and it’s not just the name of a brewery. It’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle of responsibility, a lifestyle of service, but most importantly, a lifestyle of fun.

We are partnered with the fantastic people at Bull Durham Brewing Company. They are our next-door neighbors at the historic, newly renovated Rocky Mount Mill. We will be ready to serve you ice-cold beer and hosting live music events in the very near future!


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