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Zebulon Woman's Club Honors Zebulon Businesses

April 05, 2017
The Zebulon Woman's Club honored 9 Zebulon Businesses that have been in business for 50 plus years at their meeting Tuesday, April 4th. "I was inspired to honor the Legacy of the Woman's Club which has been in existence for 93 years, reminding me that there are businesses that have served the community of Zebulon for decades," said Zebulon Woman's Club President, Patricia Roberson. The Family Businesses that were honored were: Whitley Galleries, Debnam Hardware, Mincey's Shoe Shop, Massey's School of Dance, William Toney's Funeral Home, Devil Dog Manufacturing Company, Theo Davis Printing Company, Gay's Cleaners, and McLean's Family Restaurant. Congratulations to these family businesses that have served and continue to serve our Zebulon Community so well.