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Zebulon Next 2019 | Highlights

November 12, 2019
What a great time we had at this year's Zebulon Next Workforce Solutions event.
As promised, here are a few highlights from our time together:
  • Mike Ray | Experis
    • Build, Buy, Borrow, Bridge. He also talked about the influence of digitization on today’s workforce. Thank you for sharing that while robots are impacting jobs, they are also creating a need for jobs.
  • Jerilyn Meckler | Nomaco
    • Promoting a totally integrated workforce . They are getting ready to launch a mentoring program that has been a year in the making. Nomaco is also actively involved with local schools, bringing middle and high school students to the facility for exposure, and they have done a great job connecting with community colleges in all five of our regional counties. Thank you for your commitment to investing in the employees you have  and opening doors for opportunity for our youth.
  • Mark Bertoncino | Buhler Aeroglide
    • How collaboration with the right partners can create incredible outcomes. Buhler worked with seven like-minded manufacturers to develop an apprenticeship program now known as NCTAP. Thank you for sharing what “good kinship” looks like and reminding us all that relationships matter.
  • Kimberly Wheeler | Capital Area Workforce Development Board
    • Support for the job seeker and the business. They provide talent management strategies and solutions tailor-made to meet your business needs. CAWD has made a difference for businesses right here in Zebulon. Thank you for sharing how you make many of these solutions available at little or no cost to our businesses.
    • Here’s a link to their Workforce Summit on November 19
  • Jane Wolfe with Dew4Him Ministries | Jobs for Life
    • Equipping and empowering women coming out of difficult circumstances. Thank you for seeing value and opening doors for women in our community to begin a new life.
  • Wanda Overman | GSK
    • Making the connection between hands-on training and programming that allows  current team members to invest in the newer (younger) team members. Thank you for sharing what a difference this has made for your workforce.
Noteworthy Highlights:
  • Today marked the first official Chamber welcome to newly-elected Commissioner Shannon Baxter. Thank you for being with us!
  • Wake County is growing by 64 people a day. Zebulon is now growing between 1 and 4.2 people a day.
  • You too can invest in our next generation of leaders by participating with one of our school Business Alliance Groups. Want to get connected? Let us know and we’ll make the introductions.
  • Together we can develop a dynamic workforce for the future of Zebulon.
Thank you again to our Chamber partners, Wake County Economic Development, our presenters, and each of you for attending this year’s Zebulon Next event.
With Kindest Regards,

Denise Nowell, IOM
President and CEO
Zebulon Chamber of Commerce

Zebulon Chamber of Commerce