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Zebulon Chamber Closes a Chapter

August 22, 2018
Zebulon is growing, and with expansion we often experience growing pains. From confines of space to lack of adequate parking to increased volume, the Zebulon DMV had long outgrown it’s current location.
In preparation for continued growth, the Chamber’s Board of Directors took action to pursue a better solution for the community and the needs of those we serve. In April the Chamber announced they would let go of the DMV contract, and began working with DOT to facilitate a smooth transition. The hope was to see the service continue in our community.
DOT has just announced that they have awarded a new contract for a Zebulon DMV. While details are yet to be released, current locations are being considered for a more adequate space.
The current location closed on Friday, August 17. In the meantime, you can find information about nearby DMV locations by going to Information is also available at
We look forward to supporting the new location and anticipate sharing additional information as it becomes available.
Denise Nowell