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Tips to Prevent Water Damage to Your Home from Your Air Conditioner from COMFORT MASTER

May 14, 2018
Hot weather is here and it is time to get the a/c cranking and remove the humidity out of your home.  Sounds simple, but before you settle back into your chair and enjoy the coolness, take a few moments to make sure that the water the air conditioner is pulling out of your home is not trapped and is leaking through your ceiling or flooding your crawlspace.
Four Reasons why your A/C could be leaking
  1. Your a/c drain line is clogged, cracked, pulled apart or broken and the drain pan is overflowing and you do not have an emergency shut off switch
  2. Your drain pan under your inside equipment is cracked or rusted through and not holding water
  3. Your air filter is dirty causing the coils to freeze up and spill a large of amount of water into the drain pan
  4. Your system is low in refrigerant causing the coils to freeze and when they thaw rapidly, the pan is unable to contain the water.
Ways to Prevent Water Damage
  1. Check your drain pan under your inside equipment - if ANY water is present then call for a system tune-up immediately! 
  2. Change your filters monthly
  3. Request us to install an emergency overflow shut off switch that will turn off your a/c if water is in the drain pan -mention this ad and get $20 off a Ceiling Saver Kit through June 30th
  4. Get a tune-up!

Call us today to have one of our certified technicians find out the real problem and get your system back to its proper running condition.

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