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Shark Tank 2019

October 31, 2019

Celebrating Kingdom Impact!


"The presenting nonprofits were not only informative, but instructive on how healthy nonprofits should function."

- SHARK TANK Attendee & Nonprofit Leader

SHARK TANK 2019 was such a blessing as three "sharks" and more than 400 attendees convened to celebrate, challenge and lift up the Triangle nonprofit community!

Thank YOU for rallying alongside Dew4Him, JusticeMatters and NeighborHealth to help accelerate Kingdom impact!  YOU helped to propel initiatives that will bless hurting women in our community, survivors of human trafficking across our state, and our Triangle neighbors who don't have access to comprehensive medical care.

We can't wait to share with you more snippets from the evening -- and we're still seeing donations come in -- but so far, attendees blessed the three presenting nonprofits with:

  • more than $40,000 in funding!
  • 200+ offers to volunteer time and talent!
  • & 600+ comments of helpful, interactive feedback!

Mission Triangle friends -- thank you for your generosity -- and for joining us in various and unique ways to lift up our community!



"I better understand what I can and should be asking of nonprofits that I support. Now I can do so more confidently -- I don't have to feel bad when asking real questions." 

- SHARK TANK Attendee & Local Church Leader



Thank you to our Ministry Partners & Business Sponsors!


Thank you again to our business sponsors and ministry partners for helping to underwrite the cost of the event and provide lead funding for the projects presented at SHARK TANK!  You are truly a blessing to the Triangle!








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