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Michael Hyatt & Co. | The Possibilities are Endless

April 27, 2020

Due to the complexities of today’s crisis, we’re making an effort to send you daily encouragement and tips to thrive in this season. 


Today’s tip:


See Possibilities


Have you heard the one about the two salesmen who were sent to a developing country to sell shoes? One called the home office and said, “I’m coming home, nobody here wears shoes.” The other called in and said, “Ship product immediately. Everyone here needs shoes!”


Cute story, I know. But it illustrates a vital point for these days: Possibilities are everywhere. 


The coronavirus is a threat. The economy is in a shakeup. Entire industries are now closed. Even so, there are opportunities right now. 


The teleconferencing, telehealth, and product delivery industries are booming. Medical equipment manufacturers are flooded with orders, and some new players are entering the market. 


People still have a need for virtually everything they needed before the coronavirus. That creates opportunities for those who can see them. 




P.S. If you need extra guidance for leading in these difficult times, check out our new course, Leading Through Crisis, here.