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Michael Hyatt & Co. | Don't Assume the Worst

April 30, 2020

Due to the complexities of today’s crisis, we’re making an effort to send you daily encouragement and tips to thrive in this season. 


Today’s tip:


Don’t Assume the Worst


The news is filled with predictions about both the trajectory of the coronavirus and its impact on the economy. Experts usually offer a range of possibilities, based on their calculations. Even so, our minds often leap to the worst possible conclusion. 


If we’re not careful, we begin to think and act as if the worst-case scenario is a foregone conclusion. How depressing! 


Avoid that trap by thinking in terms of probability rather than certainty.


First, remind yourself that estimates are educated guesses, not facts. Remember that the best-case scenario is just as likely as the worst one. Refuse to think in binary terms. Real life is seldom all or nothing. 


See the future in terms of probability, not certainty. You’ll feel better, and you’ll make better decisions. 




P.S. If you need extra guidance for leading in these difficult times, check out our new course, Leading Through Crisis, here.