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Manpower's Take on Talent

May 19, 2020

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 A few months ago we couldn’t have imagined a day where numbers like the unemployment claims released this week would be a sign of recovery, yet there are some reasons for optimism.

 The weekly tally has declined for six straight weeks and the number of initial jobless claims published yesterday is less than half the crisis peak of 6.9 million at the end of March.

While the historic rate of layoffs or furloughs might be slowing we are still seeing historic labor market shifts across the U.S.

 In the past eight weeks we have witnessed the most significant workforce shift since World War Two with whole industries being disrupted at speeds we have never seen before. Work literally left the building overnight and while many roles continued remote, other work halted completely.

Ensuring we get America safely back to work must now be our top priority to ensure these numbers continue to move in the right direction.


Here’s where to start:

  • Ensure you have the systems, processes, equipment and resources you need to keep people safe. This includes work and shift planning – alternative teams on different days, clear policies for social distancing in the workplace, increased cleaning, no in-person group meetings. Learn how we're helping organizations recover and restart safely with Manpower Work Ready solutions.
  • Provide people with the confidence you are putting their health first. People won’t come back to work if they don’t feel safe. Communication is key to ensure employees and customers feel comfortable being in your business when restrictions are lifted. Share what you are doing to ensure social distancing is respected. What additional cleaning is in place? How are you assuring people that health comes before profits? This is key not just to ensure your workers and customers come back, but also to boost your brand and demonstrate you care. People must always come first.
  • Remember that today more than ever family commitments are front and center. The way work gets done has had to shift to accommodate kids out of school and family members needing more support. We are increasingly living OneLife at ONE time. As an employer remember that childcare plays a big role. If day cares, schools and summer camps can’t open, that hinders employees from returning to work. Employers need to recognize this and be accommodating to employees as businesses plan their reopening when guidelines are relaxed. Take into consideration staggering shifts and offering more flexibility for people to work around their family.



 We all will be returning to the future of work vs. the workplace we left before the crisis. More flexible in location, more cautious on safety, more respectful of balance yet the underlying American spirit that powers the economy remains. 

 We will continue to keep you updated as the world of work rapidly changes.

We are here when you need us. Stay well.


Becky Frankiewicz

ManpowerGroup North America