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Enoneo Temporarily Closed

March 16, 2020

NOTICE of precautionary in-store temporary closure due to the Coronavirus

Due to the dangers of the coronavirus, effective immediately, ENONEO WILL BE CLOSED, for the next 2 weeks (from Mar 13th to Mar 28th).  We will reassess each week as things progress.
The health experts are suggesting that people stay away from public places, which unfortunately includes businesses like EnoNeo.
I am not an extremist nor an alarmist but the responsibility for social distancing now falls on each of us, at every level of society.   We have seen many entities take steps in this fashion, from the closing of schools, cancelling of the NCAA March Madness tourney, the NBA, etc. Many businesses have instructed their employees to work from home. For business owners, these decisions have real and immediate costs in lost revenue.  For our staff, that means lost wages.
While we don’t yet know the full ramifications of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Social distancing is the only way to stop the continued spread of the coronavirus. We must start immediately.
I do not take pleasure in depriving you of urgently needed wine and beer. So, we will look forward to seeing you back in the store all when this over.

Chuck Nwokocha
Chuck Nwokocha, Owner