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East Wake Towns See Population Boom

July 01, 2019
Article by Shawn Taylor
"I have for many years referred to eastern Wake County as the final frontier of Wake County," said Bob Matheny. Transportation projects like the Knightdale Bypass and the future Interstate 87 make living in Knightdale or Zebulon and working in Raleigh more feasible, according to Roberson. Zebulon 6.7 percent, outpacing the county-wide 1.9 percent growth rate."...and Zebulon is expected to grow from its 5,800 to at least 13,000." Community festivals, farmers markets and other events give residents a reason to get involved in their communities and meet their neighbors, Matheny said. He said such events will help Zebulon avoid becoming a "bedroom town"- a place where people sleep but don't work or play. Fighting the growth just isn't an option. "It's going to balance out," Matheny said. "What can I say? We're in Wake County. We're going to grow."
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Shawn Taylor