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Dew4Him Ministries, Inc | Change Groups

January 21, 2020



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Dew4Him Ministries is offering Change Groups starting January 28 at 6pm and they will meet weekly through June. The book Cost is $21.00

Change Group examines how unresolved, hurtful experiences sabotage our attempts to change. The processes begin with the goal of establishing safe relationships, understanding what has been sabotaging attempts at success which will prepare participants for the deeper, inner healing .  


The second stage provides tools for healing old wounds and for letting go of the coping behaviors they produce. Wounds produce subconscious fears that ends up controlling our behaviors. Fear is overcome by faith and faith requires learning to trust again. The Processes are based on the premise that our deepest wounds happened in relationship and are, therefore, best healed through opposite experiences in safe, loving relationships. We cannot change alone.

The Genesis Process blends sound biblical principles and the latest understanding of the brain with the author’s many years of experience as an addictions counselor.