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Comfort Master: Is Your Air Conditioning Safe?

June 25, 2020

Where is the water going that

your Air Conditioner is removing?

How thankful we are when we turn the thermostat to
cooling and our air conditioner delivers cool air! Have
you ever wondered what happens to the gallons of
water that are being removed from your home?
BEFORE you relax into comfort, take a moment to
check the items below to prevent the worry and expense
of a flooded ceiling, a frozen up unit or a flooded HVAC unit.



·    Locate the PVC drain connected to your outdoor unitconfirm there
is a continuous flow of water when your air conditioner is working. If none, schedule
an appointment with us quickly!

·    Check the drain pan under the indoor unitIf your indoor unit is located in
an attic, garage, closet check to see if the pan under the unit is dry. There should
NEVER be any water in the pan. If water is present, turn off the unit and call us ASAP
so we can correct the problem.

·    Visualize your outdoor air conditionerWhen your unit is cooling; especially
in the hotter part of the day, do you see any icing when you peek inside the top of the
unit or on the outside of the coils. If the refrigerant is low in your system, you may notice
freezing up. If you see icing, turn off the unit and call us quickly so we can find out why
the refrigerant is low and make the correction to prevent further damage to your system.

·    Check your ThermostatConfirm that your fan is NOT in the ON position. It should
always be in the AUTO position in the summer. Humidity becomes uncontrolled if the fan
runs when it is not cooling causing foreign substance to grow rapidly in your ductwork
and home. If you have any questions or not sure how to change the thermostat, call us and
we will guide you.

·    Change all your filters monthly - Replacing your filters are very important and we
recommend that unless you have special filtration such as a Trane Clean Effects or Perfect
Fit that you use inexpensive filters that do not restrict air flow to your system (we make it
easy by drop shipping filters to you!).

·    BE NICE to YOUR HVAC SYSTEM that works hard by having an
HVAC Cooling Tune-up? 
The old saying: "an ounce of prevention is worth a
pound of cure" is certainly true when it comes to keeping your unit working in tip top
(Tune-up special $139 + tax extended through July 31st, 2020)