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Cities Are Essential

May 14, 2020



Cities Are Essential

No city or town across North Carolina has been spared from the financial pressures brought about by COVID-19. The consequences will be significant. Without direct funding to compensate for lost revenues, municipalities will face severe budget cuts, communities will suffer, and the economic recovery will lag. These points, as highlighted in the National League of Cities graphic below, are widely agreed upon.

Yet, to date, our cities have been largely left out when it comes to relief at the state level or the federal level

Congress is discussing another round of federal relief with the main focus of discussion being lost revenues for local governments. We're pushing for this relief to include both replacement revenues and increased flexibility of the funds already appropriated. 

Meanwhile, the N.C. General Assembly appropriated $150 million from the federal CARES Act, but to counties, not municipalities. That was followed by U.S. Treasury guidance that would allow municipalities to utilize those dollars for more needs, especially related to public safety salaries. We're pushing to get those funds to our towns.

Cities are both the economic and social engines of our state. It's where we live and work and gather. They build infrastructure, support business, and provide public safety. Cities are essential. We're pushing for that fact to be recognized. 

We need your continued help to make that case to state legislators and Congress. 


cities are essential