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Boys & Girls Club's 2020 Great Futures Campaign

June 25, 2020

Hello Friends of the Zebulon Boys & Girls Club,


There is still time to send a donation to help the Zebulon Team of Volunteers reach the 2020 Great Futures Campaign Goal that will help support the many needs at the Zebulon Boys & Girls Club this upcoming Club year.  The 2020 Great Futures Campaign comes to an end on Tuesday, June 30, 2020.


“Boys & Girls Clubs programming costs $750 a year for each child, but Members pay just $7.50.  The difference is those who donate!  Every donation will provide kids with safe transportation, meals, quality programming focused on academics and healthy lifestyles, and most importantly, attentive, compassionate Club Staff!”


If you know of anyone who can help in any way to support the Zebulon Team, please ask them to consider donating any amount to this campaign.  There is no maximum amount or minimum amount.  Every dollar donated helps so much!


The Zebulon Team had plans for a 2020 Charity Golf Tournament fundraiser event in May; however, because of COVID 19, the tournament had to be cancelled.  If there is a sponsor or player who participated in the Annual Golf Tournament last year who has not already donated, your donation will be greatly appreciated this year, even though the tournament had to be cancelled.


Together, I feel strongly that with everyone’s help, we will reach our Zebulon Team 2020 Great Futures Goal!


Thank you to everyone who has already donated to the 2020 Great Futures Campaign!  Thank you to everyone who has already shown support in any way to the children who attend the Zebulon Boys & Girls Club. “ With your help, we can guide more of these children toward a happy, healthy, fulfilling life.”


*Please indicate on any donation that the gift is being made to support the Zebulon Boys & Girls Club.


Donations can be made to the following:




By Mail or Delivery to::


Zebulon Boys & Girls Club

C/O Briggs Petway, Unit Board Treasurer

PO Box 1036

806 N. Arendell Avenue

Zebulon, NC 27597

(Tel:  919-269-7405)




Boys & Girls Clubs

701 North Raleigh Boulevard

Raleigh, NC 27610

(Tel:  919-834-6282)



With Sincere Appreciation,


Carol Weeks, Volunteer

Zebulon Team