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A Message from NC Superintendent

May 14, 2020


Parents and Caretakers:

With the challenges facing our graduates, it is more important than ever to apply for federal funds that can help them pay for their next steps. Don’t miss this opportunity! Whether your graduate will seek a certification, attend community college, join the armed forces, or go to a four-year institution, the first step is completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid – the FAFSA.

Federal funding can help students with their steps after high school no matter where they decide to continue their education, but you must complete the application as soon as possible.

More information on FAFSA and forms to apply can be found here.

And, North Carolina has resources to help you complete the application if you have trouble. Please visit if you need help or want to know about more opportunities.

We wish every 2020 graduate success in wherever their path takes them.


Mark Johnson
NC Superintendent of Public Instruction